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Why Himalayan Rock Salts?

Himalayan Crystal Salts have boomed in popularity over the last few years thanks to their beautiful rosy hue, healing properties as both a salt lamp and a cooking salt, and their ability to transform any room into a calm and peaceful place with their beautiful glow.

Unlike conventional table salts, which are highly processed and lacking nutritional value, Himalayan Rock Salts are brimming with rich minerals-over 84 minerals and trace elements to be exact- which will compliment any dish and energise your body.

Said to be as old as the Earth itself, Himalayan Salts are believed to be composed of dried remnants of original, primal sea. Whether it’s for therapeutic or culinary uses, or to add ambience to a room- our range of Himalayan Rock Salts products are both healing and affordable.

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  • Sandra Jackson
    Great quality! Have had my lamp for ages and it has been nothing but amazing! Thanks again!
    Sandra Jackson
  • Geoff Byrnes
    Cheap & great quality! Highly recommend to anyone!
    Geoff Byrnes
  • Tori Bennett
    Awesome genuine products! Such an easy company to deal with as well!
    Tori Bennett
  • Radi White
    Really easy to deal with, well-priced & got my order within the week!
    Radi White